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For K-Adult !!

Classes meet at 9-9:45am (please arrive at 8:55 if possible)

Nursery provided for ages 0-4


K-2nd GRADES  downstairs classroom #1 / Teacher: Penny Curler

Life With God *

3rd-6th GRADES downstairs classroom #2 / Teacher: Melinda Williams

Life With God *

*K-6th grades will be using the Curriculum

Life With God 

published by Good Dirt Ministries written by Lacy Borgo.

This curriculum is different because it is about true connection.

Entertainment has become the fast and sterile substitute for the

hard work of relationships. Children are hungry for relationships.

They come into this world looking for connections.  For this reason,

this curriculum has not been written to entertain. Instead it’s been

written to give children what they need, what they really want,

and what they have been asking for if we were listening –

relationship. Relationship with the adults who love them and

relationship with Jesus who loved them so much he gave his life

for them. That’s not to say that there won’t be fun, or laughter, or the exhilarating

sense of celebration. Life With God is full of these emotions. Our focus is connection,

both to God and to each other, because that is what we are all seeking no matter

how old we are.


7th-12th GRADES  Sanctuary and Rowe Library

Jesus, Sex & Gender / A video-based, comprehensive discipleship experience 

Leaders: Erick Gong & Emily Fuller

"Speak truth. Build trust. Create connection. This series is a powerful catalyst for healthy and meaningful conversations about sex, sexuality, and gender. It is a guide for one of the most pressing questions facing the church today. Think deeply; love widely; embody grace and truth."

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ADULT 18+  Fellowship Hall  (Coffee/Tea ready at 8:45)


January 15 - May 21, 2023 Session

The Gospel in the Gospels  Fellowship  Hall

Led by Greg Vigne

This class will be a study of the four gospels (Matthew, Mark, Luke, John) to grow in our understanding of the good news of Jesus. In preparation reading as much in the gospels as possible would be terrific. Whether you are a newcomer to the gospels or an "old-timer" our discussions are geared to help everyone grow in faith and faithfulness. Also, if you need a Bible just let us know and we'll make sure you have one.



2022 (has ended)

September - December

  Class Option #1 - Book Reading Group  Fellowship  Hall

Theme: God in the Ordinary

Book 1 (6 weeks)

Liturgy of the Ordinary by Tish Harrison Warren

Discussion Leader: Kathy Carpenter Ended Oct 16

Book 2 & 3 (shorter ones - 6 weeks total)

Alphabet of Grace by Frederick Buechner,

The Practice of the Presence of God by Brother Lawrence 

Discussion Leader: Faith Gong Ended Dec. 4


Everyone will receive a Reading Guide, Response Questions.

Blank journals will be available.


  Class Option #2 - Bible Study  Fellowship  Hall

1) Hearing God  using various Biblical Passages (Sept/Oct)

Discussion Leader: Pastor Stephanie  Ended Oct 30

A chance to delve deeper and discuss together the practice of Discernment (Pastor Stephanie's sermon theme recently). We'll be addressing the question, "Can we really hear God?" and reading scriptures on: Conversing with God; A Relational View of God; The Bible's Role in a Conversational Life with God; The Still, Small Voice; Listening for God; Hearing the Unexpected; and Co-laborers with God. This 6-week study is based on the book Hearing God by Dallas Willard (not required reading). Everyone will receive a Study Guide-book  written by Jan Johnson.

2) Excellence  A study in the book of Jeremiah (Nov/Dec)

Discussion Leader: Pastor Stephanie  Ended Dec. 18

Every day, we must choose whether to live cautiously or courageously, to follow the crowd or to embrace God's purposes. God invites us to live at our best, to pursue righteousness, to drive toward true excellence. In this six-session Bible study, beloved pastor Eugene Peterson draws from the story of the prophet Jeremiah to explore what a life of excellence looks like. Like Jeremiah, we may feel inadequate and weary, but God wants to empower us to grow in obedience, integrity, and endurance.

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