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Hello Participants

(of the summer 2022 Adult Class, Discipleship: Facing Difficult Issues Through the Lens of Beliefs and Love.)

To prepare for this class, it is highly recommended that you read the book "Winsome Conviction: Disagreeing Without Dividing the Church". The church has a few copies available to borrow, though this is an important book to own as well. You can purchase it on CBD or Amazon.   BTW.... the audio version of the book is free on Audible.


First Class is vitally important to attend. Class begins July 10 at 8:45am in the Fellowship Hall. If you are unable to make that class, let Melinda know and information will be sent to you.


July 10th - Introduction of the class structure and discussion guidelines as well as other resources. Stressing that table discussions are to be a safe place to voice opinions and experiences and to listen to others with whom you may disagree.

July 17 & 24 - Race 

July 31 & August 7 - Gender 

August 15 & 22 - Sexuality 

August 29 - Wrap up/Follow-up: "Next Steps" 


RESOURCES (not in any order):

Good Faith Debates (videos):

Model how Christians can disagree on major topics.  

on Race


on Gender 

on Sexuality

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