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5-week Pre-Advent and Advent Small Group Invitation


Five weekly sessions beginning the week of Nov 7 - week of Dec. 12 

(Thanksgiving week off)   

Sign up HERE.

Pastor Stephanie will begin a new sermon series on "Rest"

beginning October 30. Because of this you are invited to be

part of a short-term small group to share with and listen to

other's experience around the kind of rest scripture talks about.


Sabbath means 'rest'. Is Sabbath something Christians are invited to enter? And how? These groups will be a safe place to share with and listen to each other's experience around the kind of rest scripture talks about. 


There are lots of questions around keeping a Sabbath. Are we being legalistic to keep a Sabbath? What can having a Sabbath look like for people today? Does it have to be Sunday or Saturday or even one day?  How do we order our lives to create rhythms of rest and work? What are possible ways to incorporate rest... especially in the season of Advent?

This is not a book study but we will be drawing from Ruth Haley Barton's new book Embracing Rhythms of Work and Rest: From Sabbath to Sabbatical and Back Again to guide discussion. You may find it helpful to listen to Ruth Haley Barton's podcast (Strengthening the Soul of Your Leadership).  For season 17, RHB talks and interviews others on the topic of rest.  PODCAST LINK 

Come and explore this important practice of rest with others from MBC. These groups will be organized based on schedules indicated on the sign-up form. 


If you are already in a small group, talk with each other about the group adopting this study/discussion for 5 weeks.


Sign up HERE.
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