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VT Conference on Christianity and the Arts 2022 

Perhaps you’re a fan of the arts. Perhaps an amateur artist. Or perhaps a practicing artist looking to improve your craft. Maybe you want to incorporate arts into ministry, or to support and encourage artists around you.

"Wherever your interest in the arts lies, this ANNUAL conference has something for you. We seek to bring together intellect and heart and craft. Sessions explore a variety of topics and genres, offering both hands-on craft workshops and discussions of art: sessions for working artists as well as for those interested in a deeper appreciation and understanding of the arts from a perspective of Christian faith." 


ANNUAL FALL CONFERENCE  for 2022 has happened.

On September 17 in Stowe, VT, over 100 people gathered to hear speakers and attend workshops on Christianity and the Arts. Workshops were on various artforms with opportunity to learn and do.

We heard from writer Kevin Fitton on "The Spiritual Practice of Creativity". Seven people from MBC attended this day of creativity, learning how creativity intersects with our faith and ways it can be developed in our lives and in our churches as expressions of our life in Christ.

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