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July 10 - August 28

Adult and Older Teen Sunday Class 

Discipleship: Facing Difficult Issues Through the Lens of Beliefs and Love 

Sundays 8:45am, Fellowship Hall / Led by Pastor Stephanie and Table Leaders


As disciples we need to face complicated and difficult issues through the lens of what the Bible clearly states and our call to love. Do you feel that 'hot topics' have been reduced to memes and emotional firing ranges, with no safe place to voice questions, experiences, and concerns? This class' purpose is to create a place where honest dialogue can result without being debated with or judged. It won't be neat and tidy and it may create more questions, but as disciples, we need to look at every issue affecting humanity and know both what we believe, where possible, and how to be the love of Jesus at all times, with all people, and in all the places we go.    Format: large group time and small table discussions with a leader.


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