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Lenten 5-Week Groups will be forming (week of Feb 27 - week of March 27)

Remember the "Rest" Companion Groups that met during Advent? Here is another opportunity for a temporary 5-week small group during Lent. "Action" Companion Groups will be forming for prayer, sharing, short devotional (optional), and being God's hands and feet in the world through a chosen MBC Mercy or Mission Ministry*. (Information on what those ministry choices are and how to choose them will be given to each group along with resources and devotional ideas.)
If you are interested in taking part of a small group experience with a more outward focus, as your Lenten practice this year, please sign up. You may sign up as an individual looking for a group to join, or as an existing small group.  Groups will begin the week of Feb. 27.
*Includes learning more about the ministry, researching their needs, involvement in some way with an action plan, if appropriate, and, of course, pray for them. If there is a mission you already know about and want to introduce to your group as a choice, that is also fine. (Perhaps it can be presented as a possible mission that MBC supports in the future.)

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