Sunday, April 24, 2022



  • Would the you from ten years ago be shocked and horrified at your current behavior? 

  • Do you do things now, tolerate things now, that you would never have accepted in years past? 

  • Are your temptations becoming more intense? Are your temptations becoming more extreme –
    as if previous indulgences don’t have the same “high” any more? 

  • Do sins that used to bother you not seem that serious anymore? 

  • Are feelings of guilt less intense regarding specific sins? Is your heart becoming hardened
    to your sin? 

  • Do you have a tendency to justify, minimize, or excuse the sins of others if they sound
    too similar to your own? 

  • Is there any sin pattern in your life that you know you should confess to a wise/godly friend,
    but which you have repeatedly excused not confessing? Are you justifying your secrecy even now? 

  • Have friends or family members expressed concern about certain responses, patterns, or actions in your life, which you are not addressing? 

  • Do your sinful responses, actions, or desires ever scare you? Are you ever afraid of what
    you might do next?