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Part-time Position - 12hours/week

Parts of 3 Weekdays & Sundays

Building knowledge/Good communication skills/Ability to lift 50lbs/Carpentry know-how a plus



Working with Trustees to facilitate any contracted work/repairs/renovations

Responsible for:

     Inside Building

          o Floors vacuumed/cleaned; walls and ceilings free of debris and cobwebs; bathrooms restocked,

             toilets & sinks sanitized; kitchen counters and sink cleaned and sanitized

          o Trash & recycling emptied; compost removal to transfer station

          o Lightbulb replacements

          o Special cleanings – rugs; floors; Sanctuary pews, woodwork, candle holders

          o Organization of storage areas o keeping rooms clear of clutter;

          o Emptying dehumidifiers

          o Communicate with Office Administrator when supplies need to be ordered


     Outside Building

          o Oversight for contacted snow removal and lawn care

          o Other landscaping needs; keeping area free from trash

          o Noticing any issues that arise ie: persons sleeping on property, broken windows, etc

          o Communicate with trustees any physical building/steps/ramp concerns



     Communication with Office Administrator regarding room scheduling

          o Clean up rooms pre and post events

          o Set up & break down of tables/chairs if needed

          o Doors unlocked and lights on pre-event / Doors locked and lights off post-event On Sunday

          o Responsible for making sure steps and ramp are clear of snow/ice/debris

          o Doors unlocked for service and locked after service (back side door is locked during the service)

          o Windows opened, fans set up, air purifiers turned on/closed and off after service


Other duties as apparent or assigned


Send resume to Church Office 

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