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FROM LOU NOP - Nov. 30, 2023
"I spoke with Dave Whetmore, the town zoning guy,  I asked him about the Agreement btw the town and the college, the property lines, what is included, zoning possibilities.  Basically the questions we asked ourselves.  I will give bullets points.


1).  Probably the biggest news,  The college is not obligated by any timeline agreement to sell the property  according to Dave.  


2). The building is likely to be zoned for any of the possible uses we discussed as ideas.  Some may take some more meetings than others but he thought positively about what I shared.


3).  The building is on the historic register so that is a thing (not bad or good but there are requirements that come into play)  Our Church is well.


4).  The Inn is on .3 acres but the boundary lines are vague on their maps so trying to figure out right now what is specifically included (thinking of parking spaces) is not really available at this point. ( To the college it didn't matter because they adjoin the other property)


5).  The idea of moving the carriage barn intrigued him and he thought that was a clever way to make parking spaces and thought that that seemed like something that the town would approve of but it is something that the Historical Society would like to have a say. "

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