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Disciple Making in a
Culture of Power, Comfort, and Fear
(has ended)
Led Matthew Dickerson, author
Sundays thru May 2, 8:30-9:15am 
Speaking in and to a culture that worships power and comfort while cultivating fear as a manipulative tool, Matthew Dickerson offers a transformative alternative: authentic discipleship and disciple making. What does it mean to live as disciples of Christ, what would it look like to be transformed by the Holy Spirit, and how can we be open to that transformation? How can a follower of Christ live as salt and light in the midst of a power-hungry fear-mongering society? And how can we both teach and model that disciple life as we obey Christ’s command to make disciples? The book draws deeply from Paul’s Second Epistle to Timothy.
Zoom link will be sent to all who sign up.
Expectations: Read a chapter each week along with scripture assigned.
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