WHAT'S IT LIKE TO ATTEND SUNDAY WORSHIP IN PERSON during the Pandemic?  (updated 4/7/2022=Bold text)

(Sunday School info)

Firstly, all are welcome to attend classes and services at MBC.  We do have a live-stream option as well.

Just a reminder that if you or your child are experiencing any kind of illness symptoms we ask you stay home, get better and watch online.

WORSHIP PROTOCOLS - Masks are now optional in the worship service. Since suggested state guidelines for schools say masks are no longer mandated if a school has an 80% vaccination rate, we have decided to follow that as we are confident MBC achieved that level. We will still keep Hepa air purifiers going and when the temp is above 40 we'll have the windows open with fans blowing out. And it is still a good idea to keep some distance from each other when talking. Stay aware that Omicron and other variants are still aggressive in its ability to spread and though some find symptoms light, others do not.

We do recommend a KN95 mask if you are not fully vaccinated or are auto-immune compromised. Masks will be available.


Before you enter the Sanctuary, there is a table in the front hallway where you may pick up a mask (if you need one.)


One or two windows will be open with fans blowing out on the north side for increased ventilation (when temps are above 40 degrees). There are air purifiers at the front for added protection for the service leaders, musicians, and the pastor.



On the first and third Sundays when include communion, you may  pick up the pre-packaged communion wafer and juice.  (Note: Remove the thin plastic covering for the bread and the plastic/foil covering for the juice.) Gluten-free option is also available. 


As you enter the sanctuary you will find a basket in which to place your offering. We are not passing the offering basket during the service as we did pre-pandemic.  Because the service is live-streamed, a musical piece is played as an offertory, at which time online-viewers are provided with giving options/directions. You may use this time for reflection.


Nursery is available for ages 0-4. All childcare persons are vaccinated/boostered and will be wearing masks. They have also completed a background check. Children, who are able, wear a mask as well. HEPA air filter is in the room.



The screens at the front will show words to readings and songs. Hymnbooks are available and may also be used.

All bathrooms are open. Sanitizing products are available.


Following worship, refreshments are available in the front hallway and may be enjoyed outside if weather permits.

If you wish to ask questions of someone who attends in person, feel free to contact Lou Nop.



Thank you everyone for all efforts to keep one another safe during worship.