during the Pandemic? 
(updated 7/1/2021=Bold text)

You no longer need to let us know if you will be attending on Sunday morning. There will be no confirmation emails sent out.

When you arrive at church, you may use any of the entrances. We ask that you arrive no earlier than 9:45am as the Worship Team rehearses until that time.

Masks and distancing are not required of fully vaccinated people.


Those not vaccinated or in-process are still asked to wear a mask that covers your mouth and nose.  (We ask this for the sake of all non-vaccinated children under 12 and especially our immune-compromised children.) Non-vaccinated people are asked to continue distancing. Of course, families or 'pods' may sit together regardless of vaccination status.

Before you enter the Sanctuary, there is a table in the front hallway where you may pick up a program and a mask (if you didn't bring one and need it). On the first and third Sundays when Communion is served, you may also pick up the pre-packaged communion wafer and juice (gluten free option available).

As you enter the sanctuary you will find a basket in which to place your offering. We are not passing the offering basket during the service as we did pre-pandemic.  Because the service is live-streamed, a musical piece is played as an offertory at which time viewers are provided with giving options/directions. You may use this time for reflection.


Windows are open with fans blowing out on the north side for increased ventilation. There are air purifiers at the front for added protection for the service leaders and pastor.


The screen at the front will show words to readings and songs. Hymnbooks are available and may also be used.

The Worship team is leading music. The Organ is now part of the service again.


All bathrooms are open. Sanitizing products are available.


Nursery is now available again.

Coffee Hour has started up and, for the summer, will be held in the front hallway.

If you wish to ask questions of someone who attends in person, feel free to contact Lou Nop.


As we continue to discern the wisest ways to re-gather for worship, classes, and

events, may we be patient and show grace in all our interactions with one another.

Thank you all for being diligent in following the protocols we have had and those

we still have in place.  It's made all the difference.